We have developed a range of superior unleaded and leaded race fuels that are engineered to yield optimum performance in a variety of mainstream racing applications. Our proprietary formulations are blended from the highest quality base ingredients and exotic chemical streams to exacting specifications - and we do not use ethanol in any of our products. Our fuel development team includes chemists, engineers, engine builders and professional race teams at the pinnacle levels of motor racing, who earn their living by not compromising performance. 


Motorsports Fuels

Renn Fuel motorsports unleaded and leaded fuels cover a broad spectrum of racing and performance applications and can help you achieve maximum usable power, efficiency and engine life.

powersports fuels

Renn Fuel powersports unleaded fuels are specifically designed for a range of stock to extreme multi-stage engine build applications and can help you achieve maximum usable power, efficiency and engine life.

reference fuels

Through our international network and strategic partnerships, we offer comprehensive control and reference fuel research, development, production and logistics services for OEM and engine technology firms. 

custom fuels

With our in-house development team and strategic partnerships with leading fuel development, engine electronics and mechanical engineering firms we develop bespoke fuels for research and development or specific applications.

pump gas Conditioner

Our proprietary "pump gas" conditioner is designed specifically to stabilize and improve the composition and lubrication properties of premium pump gas for exotic and high-performance streetcar engines. Unlike generic performance "Additives", P-Gas Rx makes pump gas better by what it chemically eliminates as well as adds.