Derived from the German word "rennen" which means "race", Renn Fuel was formed by a group of experienced dedicated professionals with backgrounds in fuel chemistry, race engineering, international competition and business. 


Renn Fuel's first products were developed and tested in Europe and from the beginning achieved unqualified success in international competition, including the FIM World MX Championship, contested around the globe in 17 countries.  

The race fuel market is inundated with mass produced ​products and outdated formulations that compromise performance and present increased risk of mechanical degradation or catastrophic failure.

Renn Fuel develops and markets advanced engineered production and bespoke performance fuels for racing, aviation and OEM manufacturer calibration and testing. 

We are committed to providing superior performing race fuels that are properly engineered and handcrafted, backed with unmatched service and technical support.

Renn Technologies Group