race fuel science 

With decades of experience at the pinnacle levels of motorsports our research and development group understand the critical importance of choosing the best available fuel for creating optimal sustainable power and performance.

Our priorities are performance, quality, consistency and customer satisfaction - not mass production or the marketing of an overwhelming number of blends that confuse and differ primarily only in name and color.

Our team of experts utilize advanced analytical combustion science and technologies to measure critical data of pre and post combustion events involving a multitude of mechanical and chemical conditions.


We then perform proprietary fuel modeling predictions based on simulated chemical and atmospheric conditions and apply what we learn from projected outcomes to design unique, original formulations for specific race fuel applications.


Each blend undergoes rigorous dynamometer and live track testing before it is confirmed for production and every batch is quality inspected, randomly tested and cataloged with production retain samples. 

The net results are exceptional race fuels that deliver extraordinary performance,   efficiency and consistency - backed by our commitment to excellence and expert technical support, which enables you to achieve optimum performance from your equipment, preparation and race fuel.